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Employee Engagement: Highlights

Employee Engagement - it's a hot topic, gaining momentum since the late 90's, a time when George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer were bidding us a fond farewell. Google, a fledgling corporation back in 1998, today returns a staggering 7 million hits for the search term "employee engagement".

What constitutes employee engagement and what are the merits of having an engaged workforce? A multitude of reports, articles, and studies try to answer these and other questions, with everyone from The Corporate Executive Board, The Society for Human Resource Management and MolsonCoors to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management weighing in, and media outlets such as ABC News and Bloomberg Businessweek keeping us in the know. Facts, figures, and internet anecdotes highlight the importance of an engaged workforce, the steps required to get there, and the perils facing organizations that aren't paying attention.

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Employee Turnover - The Risks

When bottom line profitability, productivity and organizational performance are being discussed, employee turnover needs to be in the same conversation. It's a critical metric that has a huge impact on those key performance indicators.

The flip side of employee turnover is employee retention. Organizations need to foster employee retention and pay attention to the extent of employee turnover. While employee turnover is a part of doing business, losing valued, quality employees shouldn't be.

With the substantial "direct" financial costs and the "indirect" intangible costs, employee retention should be the among the top human resource priorities. Like money being flushed, ripples of uncertainty and disruption are created by vacant positions within organizations.

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