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Employee Surveys: Everything You Need to Know

employee satisfaction Planning an employee survey but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place.

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What's the difference between an employee engagement survey and an employee satisfaction survey? What do you do with survey results? What are the most common survey pitfalls and mistakes?

We've assembled the most relevant and useful information on the topic right here. What we don't know about employee surveys isn't worth asking!

Employee Survey Vendor
Insightlink Communications

Since 2001 Insightlink Communications has been a vendor of choice for HR professionals who insist on high levels of service and survey design expertise. Their 4Cs Employee Survey methodology has been used successfully by hundreds of organizations in the US and Canada. Insightlink Communications' services include Employee Surveys, Exit Surveys, 360 Multi-Rater Surveys, Employee Focus Groups and Custom HR Surveys of many kinds.

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What is your organization's level of employee satisfaction?

There is ample research to suggest that high levels of satisfaction and engagement among employees have a direct impact on a company's financial performance. If you are not tracking and measuring this aspect of your human capital you may be at risk.

employee survey charts
Working to ensure that employees are happy and committed to their work and to your organization should be a high priority for any company seeking to stay competitive and grow their business. Every culture is different. That's why a well-designed employee survey conducted on an annual basis is an essential tool for HR to have.



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